"Nocturna" II. The Woods

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(n.) land covered with dense woods, trees & underbrush
-Fresh moss + Fir Needle + Cypress + Ginger + Clove + Musk
Fragrance type - Woody Oriental

An intriguing concoction of forest floor earthy notes blended with fresh Green Moss & Fir Needle laced gently with oriental spices. A grounding, masculine fragrance.

An ecofriendly, non GMO soy wax blend hand poured into the finest European dark violet glass featuring a clean burning cotton wick, encased in a luxury gift box.

Be transported by the vivid violet flame as you watch through the side walls of the vessel.

50hrs+ burn time, 250gm candle, 9.5 x 7.7cm
Suits a small to medium size room or space.

A vegan friendly candle.